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DanTien Athens is the ultimate zen spot in the heart of Athens, dedicated to Acupuncture, Massage & Exclusive Cosmetics for your Wellness.

Our Caldera Massages Studio

in Oia Santorini since 2006

now brings our unique, professional services

to Athens in 2018

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  • Our comprehensive, full body massage including the face, based on combined techniques of Swedish, Californian and Ayurveda therapies. This complete face and body massage focuses on acupressure points and uses long strokes to help strengthen the nervous system and restore lost energy. Excellent after a long flight.

    1h 45 min – 96 Euros

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  • Extensive massage of back, legs and feet combining different massage techniques.

    1h – 65 Euros

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  • Extensive massage of back, legs, arms and chest combining different massage techniques

    1h 15m – 78 Euros

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  • Back massage to alleviate pain or uncomfort after a long desk sitting day.

    35 min – 40 Euros

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  • Feet massage using traditional knowledge to stimulate reflex points on the feet in purpose to promote overall balance
    45 min – 45 Euros

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  • A full body massage based on the heat releasing volcanic stone properties. A refined protocol created to obtain full relaxation and to remove stress and muscle fatigue. Perfect after jet lag.

    1h 20 min – 94 Euros

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  • A face beauty procedure including cleansing, homemade mud mask, massage and final nourishing or hydrating touch. All done with products selected from our CALΔERA cosmetic line to suit your skin type.

    1h 15 min – 86 Euros

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  • Face massage treatment done with selected products from our CALΔERA cosmetic line, to relax the mind and improve skin condition

    40 min – 45 Euros

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  • Skin care cleansing procedure using our herbal cosmetic line CALΔERA, to remove impurities and leave a resilient and toned skin

    40 min – 56 Euros

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For Availability & To Book Appointments 
please email or call

Call  Us +30 210 325 5116

Exclusive Products

in April 2008 Caldera Massages Studio Santorini launched our own cosmetic line “CALΔERA”. The line’s name is inspired by the beauty of the volcanic caldera of Santorini and the charms of the Mediterranean village of Oia. The fragrances and properties of the “CALΔERA” products are due to the 100% natural essential oils and other natural ingredients.

is the first organic anti-aging skincare brand from Okinawa, Japan, using the unique anti-oxydant powers of the Gettou leaves.  Okinawa is a resort island of Japan, and it is famous for its high life expectancy. The benefits provided from the unique plants only found on the island contribute to the health of its inhabitants. Available in Greece exclusively at Dan Tien Athens.

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